Why are P&O Cruises the UK’s favourite cruise line? 

All aboard! Find out how P&O Cruises sail the seas with a British twist. 

As travel consultants, we’ve (almost) seen it all. But there’s something very special about P&O Cruises that captures the essence of British charm. Let’s explore why these cruises are a hit with our UK clients, who love the idea of a holiday that combines the adventure of travel with the comfort of familiar British touches.

Home comforts at sea: It’s all in the details

You can wake up to a familiar morning

Imagine starting your day at sea with a warm cup of tea or coffee, just like you would at home. P&O Cruises understands the importance of these small comforts, offering them right in your cabin. It’s these thoughtful touches that make your cabin feel like a cosy British retreat.

Chose to spend in Sterling

The convenience of using £ sterling on-board is a big plus. It simplifies the shopping experience on board, allowing you to focus on enjoyment rather than exchange rates. This feature is often highlighted by our clients as a stress-free way to manage their holiday spending.

Easy departures from the UK

Some of the biggest appeal of P&O Cruises is the option to start your journey from the UK. Ships like the Britannia and the Iona set sail from Southampton, offering a seamless transition from land to sea, making your holiday feel easy and accessible right from the start. 

Entertainment with a British flair

Theatre and comedy that speaks to you

P&O Cruises’ entertainment lineup is designed with the British audience in mind. Their theatres and live venues host performances that resonate with a UK crowd, from witty stand-up comedians to captivating theatrical productions. These shows are a hit with our clients who enjoy a good laugh or an enchanting evening show.

Take in Greatest Day, the Take That musical. Or be amazed by Astonishing, the spectacular magic and illusion show from Stephen Mulhern and Jonathan Wilkes.

Music and movies to match your mood

Whether you’re in the mood for live British rock or fancy a movie night, there’s always something on offer. The live music caters to a range of British tastes, with music director Gary Barlow making sure the intimate 710 Club onboard Arvia and Iona is the most exciting venue at sea. 

With age-appropriate blockbusters available right throughout the day, the onboard cinemas provide a perfect setting for family entertainment. And don’t miss SeaScreen, the open-air cinema experience onboard Azura. 

Interactive fun on newer ships

For those seeking something a bit more interactive, the newer ships like the Arvia boast exciting escape rooms like Mission Control. It’s a great way to bond with family or new friends on board, adding an element of adventure to your cruise experience.

Family fun and entertainment

There’s a never-ending assortment of activities and excursions for the whole family. Ariva, Iona, Britannia, Ventura and Azura are all family friendly ships.

You can get sporty on with state-of-the-art gyms and sports courts on all ships. Why not head to the spa to relax while the kids are entertained in one of the many age appropriate kids clubs or nurseries? Or meet back up for some fun in one of the many pools?

Bringing British sports to the sea

Live Sports Broadcasts

For sports fans, missing a big game is a no-go. Many of the bars on P&O Cruises broadcasts major British sporting events like the Premier League, so you can cheer on your favourite teams while cruising.

A truly British atmosphere

Familiarity in every corner

From the decor to the staff, everything on P&O Cruises is designed to give you a sense of British familiarity. The selection of British food and beverages, and the overall ambiance all contribute to a feeling of comfort and ease.

Tailored to British tastes

Understanding the preferences of British passengers, P&O Cruises goes the extra mile to ensure that everything, from dining options to daily activities, caters to what you know and love. 

Ships for every type of adventure

Each ship in the P&O Cruises fleet offers a unique experience, catering to different tastes and preferences. Whether you’re looking for a family-friendly adventure, a relaxed adult-only voyage, or a modern and innovative cruising experience, P&O Cruises has a ship for you.


The newest in the fleet, Arvia is an Excellence-class cruise ship which was launched in December 2022. It is also the largest cruise ship in the British market, able to accommodate up to 5,200 passengers with a crew of 1,800.

Arvia offers a variety of experiences with over 30 bars and restaurants onboard, plus four swimming pools, including two infinity pools, 20 whirlpools (10 of which are infinity whirlpools), a skydome with a retractable glass roof, and an outdoor cinema screen. 

This ship is a great choice for families too, with plenty of activities and entertainment for kids of all ages. There are age-specific children’s clubs, a Splash Valley water play area, and even a high ropes course (the first at sea!).

Check out host Sara Cox at the glamorous Arvia naming ceremony in this video:


One of the most innovative ships in the fleet, Iona, debuted in 2020. It’s P&O Cruises’ first LNG-powered ship, making it one of the most environmentally friendly. Iona features a stunning glass SkyDome, providing a unique space for relaxation and entertainment, regardless of the weather.


Photo by James D. Morgan/Getty Images

Launched in 2015, Britannia was the largest ship in the P&O Cruises fleet. It’s known for its sophisticated design, a wide range of dining options, and a large spa. Britannia offers a modern, family-friendly experience with an array of activities and entertainment.


Launched in 2008, Ventura is known for its family-friendly atmosphere. The ship features an array of dining options, including a family-friendly buffet and fine dining restaurants. Ventura also offers a range of entertainment, including a theatre, cinema, and various clubs and lounges.


Sister ship to Ventura, Azura was introduced in 2010. It blends modern luxury with a relaxed atmosphere. Azura is popular for its outdoor cinema, The SeaScreen, and offers an array of dining experiences, including Italian and Indian options.


An adults-only ship, Arcadia offers a more tranquil and refined cruising experience. Launched in 2005, it’s known for its classic style, with an emphasis on relaxation and enrichment. Arcadia features a three-tier theatre, a fine dining restaurant, and a range of bars and lounges.


Another adults-only ship in the fleet, Aurora is known for its traditional cruising experience. Launched in 2000, it offers a classic British cruising atmosphere with teak decks, a tiered stern, and an elegant glass-domed atrium.

P&O Cruises: Your British Getaway on the Ocean

As travel agents, we recommend P&O Cruises for those looking for a slice of Britain while exploring the seas. It’s not just about the destinations you visit; it’s also about enjoying the journey in an environment that feels like home. With P&O Cruises, you can expect a holiday that perfectly blends the thrill of travel with the comfort of familiar British surroundings.

Spain, Portugal & Canary Islands
30 Aug 2024 · 14 Nights

From: £1,099 pp

Whether you’re new to cruising, or a veteran of the high seas, your moments on board Britannia are sure to be truly memorable.

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21 December 2024 · 14 Nights

From: £2,339 pp

Iona’s eagerly-anticipated sister ship, Arvia, joined the fleet in December 2022 and is heading for the sunshine.

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Spain & Portugal
02 March 2024 · 14 Nights

From: £999 pp

Gazing out from the stunning SkyDome, three-tier glass Grand Atrium or the brand-new Conservatory Mini-suite cabins, you’re never far from a spectacular view of the ever-changing horizon on Iona’s cruise holidays.

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Norwegian Fjords
27 July 2024 · 7 Nights

From: £779 pp

See the aqua blue ice of the Jostedal Glacier cascading down the stunning Oldedalen Valley, as you navigate the spindly fjords of Norway.

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