NOTHING COMES CLOSE with Celebrity Cruises

Why Celebrity Cruises promise that you’ll never want to holiday any other way once stepping on one of their ships

NOTHING COMES CLOSE with Celebrity Cruises

Embark on a holiday where Nothing Comes Close. Anyone can take you on holiday, but Celebrity Cruise ships are just as worthy of being a destination as the European locations they take you to. The Greek Isles, Portuguese culture and Italian coasts have never looked better. With so much to explore along the way, we’ve never heard anyone ask, “Are we there yet?” You’ll never want to holiday any other way.

Celebrity Cruises are setting themselves apart with their bold “nothing comes close with Celebrity Cruises”. So once you go on a Celebrity Cruises holiday, you will never want to take a different holiday.

You’ll enjoy the intimate feel and thoughtful service of a smaller ship, the variety and excitement of a bigger one, and experiences you won’t find anywhere else.

So, what do Celebrity Cruises say makes them so special?


Let us take care of that. And by that, we mean absolutely everything. From bartenders who remember your favourite cocktails to concierges who you’ll swear can read minds, get ready to expect the unexpected. We elevate every aspect of your holiday to make you feel right at home wherever you sail with us.


If you consider delicious eats a top priority on holiday, we’re going to get along just fine. Our food is globally inspired, locally sourced, and made fresh daily, but most importantly it’s just really good. With so many restaurants serving up daring new dishes and classics done right, you’ll wish there were more meals in the day. But, who’s counting?


Whoever says a room is only where you sleep hasn’t stayed in one of ours. Designer details and ever-changing views make it a shame to close your eyes at all. Reinvented verandas give your room, well, more room—while welcoming the outside in. And, with beds this comfy, even turning in has been turned up a notch. Just promise us you won’t spend your whole holiday in your room.


Sure, we can take you to more than 300 destinations on all seven continents. Yes, you’ll feel like a local on intimate and anything-but-ordinary excursions. But what really makes us different is our ships are just as worthy of being on your bucket list as the places they take you. With so much to explore along the way, we’ve never heard anyone ask, “Are we there yet?”


Anyone can put on a show, but only we can make showtime anytime. Whether it’s the live band kicking up the vibes while you kick back poolside, the silent disco that has you dancing like no one’s watching, or even the bartender who balances your drink on his forehead, we love a good time as much as you do. And if we can make a jaw-dropping performance out of pouring you a drink, just imagine what goes on in our theatre.

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